5 Ways to Know It is Time to Break Up

A romantic relationship can sometimes just run its course. Infidelity, incompatibility, and lack of respect are some of the reasons why a couple ends up facing the difficult decision of having to break up. It is better to be single than to be trapped in an unhappy relationship. Most of the time, there are clear indicators that it is time to move on. Other times, the clues are too subtle to notice. Here are five signs that will indicate that it is time to break up with your partner.

1. Loss of respect
Respect is a key factor in every successful relationship. You and your partner should treat each other as equals and should have a high regard for each other.  Expect the relationship to fall apart once respect is lost.

Emotional, verbal and physical abuse are apparent signs of disrespect. They show that one person holds a lot of power over the other and has crossed the boundaries of decency. Simple derogatory statements, however, can likewise leave scars. It may be time to reconsider if your partner puts you down and looks down at you.

2. Loss of communication
Communication is a two-way street and should mean that both parties have a clear understanding of what the other person has to say. Your relationship is in trouble if you start avoiding confrontation. This usually happens when you lie to your partner or simply avoid stressful discussions. A healthy discourse is essential in order for you to iron out differences and resolve conflicts. Your relationship is in jeopardy if you and your partner stop talking to each other.

Too much discussion, on the other hand, could be a bad thing for your partnership. While fights are normal, fighting over everything is downright destructive. Fights are draining and non-productive. You should re-consider your position if you find yourself arguing over the most insignificant things with your partner.

3. Loss of attraction