6 Comments That May Unintentionally Scare Away Your Partner

If you’re bad at money management or aren’t able to budget, it can be a quick turn off that will show you’re not financially stable. If you handle the budget, do your best to manage the money you both bring in responsibly and show you respect your partner enough to not go crazy with it. A relationship therapist or financial counselor can help with this by giving advice on how to avoid financial pitfalls that can develop. Relationship counseling can help both partners learn how to manage their money together as a team.

4. “I Don’t Get Along With Your Mom.”

A huge turnoff in a relationship is when one partner isn’t able to get along with the other person’s family. While it’s perfectly valid to not get along with your partner’s mother, avoid complaining to your significant other and talk to a professional instead who can offer advice. Bad-mouthing  your partner’s family will likely cause them to become offended and view you in a negative light.

5. “I Hate my Life.”

Often when you complain about your life, it can look like you’re seeking pity. Try to avoid being self-deprecating, as the negativity can wear on your partner until it begins pushing the person you love away. No one wants to be around someone who has a “woe is me” attitude and is negative all the time. You may need to seek professional help, rather than put all that negative energy on your partner.

6. “I Just Want to Be Happy.”