6 Everyday Choices to Improve Relationships

Over the course of a long-term relationship, you may need to make big choices as a couple, possibly many. Life altering decisions such as moving far away if one person gets a job, getting married, and if you’re ready for kids.

While these choices are very important, when it comes to the health of a relationship, it’s the small day to day decisions that can break or make a relationship.

Here are six choices you can make every day to improve your relationship:

1. Being present.

Don’t tune him out. Many of us do this to people–we’re watching a show on Netflix or we’re fiddling with our phone. It’s straight up rude to ignore someone, especially when it’s a topic that excites that person. Be aware if your partner is talking about something important to them and then focus on the conversation. Turn off the phone, pause Netflix, and pay attention.

By not paying attention to them, it’ll be like if they ignored us–it makes us feel like they’re taking us for granted and vice versa. You can choose not to let this happen. You control your actions. While you don’t have to spend every second while at home staring deeply into each other’s eyes, but you can choose to be fully engaged with your partner when they speak to you.

2. Choose self-care.