6 Photos You Shouldn’t Use In A Dating Profile

The photos that you add to your dating profile can make or break your success in online dating. Your main profile photo is the first thing that most people look at. The number one mistake is leaving out photos altogether. If you don’t include at least one photo, your chances of meeting people goes way down. However, there are six photos you should avoid including in your dating profile.

1. Your mugshot
You’d think this goes without saying, but it’s been done. Using your mugshot as a dating profile photo is a bad idea. You might decide to use it because it will get you attention, but it will get you the wrong kind of attention. You don’t want to attract people who have troubled lives because they think you’ll understand them.

2. A photo with an ex
It’s not a great idea to post a photo with an ex, no matter how great you think you look in it. If someone asks you who the person in the photo is, you can’t lie about it and telling the truth makes it seem strange. It doesn’t make sense to put a photo of yourself with an ex on a dating profile. If you like how you look in the photo, at least crop your ex out of it.

3. Family portrait
Adding a family portrait to a dating profile might seem acceptable because you look family oriented, but it’s not the best idea. It might be too personal to add to a dating profile. It may also make people think maybe you’re a little too close to your family. If you’re going to use a group photo at all in your dating profile, don’t make it your main photo.

4. Sexy photos
It’s important to remain classy in dating profile photos. Keep yourself covered appropriately. Men should keep their shirts on, women shouldn’t show too much cleavage and skirts shouldn’t be too short. No matter how great your body is, you do want to keep some things a mystery.

5. A photo that shows your success
It’s never cool to be a show-off, but a dating profile is not a smart place to post photos of you next to your yacht, new convertible, or mansion. You may attract people who are just interested in you for your money and material items. If you want to find people who are interested in you for who you are and not what they can benefit from, don’t use photos that showcase how much money you have.

6. An old photo
We all have a favorite photo from two, three, or even four years ago, but you can’t use it for a dating profile because it’s simply too old. You look different than you did three years ago. You may have lost or gained weight, changed the style and length of your hair, and even changed your clothing style. It’s better to use a recent photo that depicts what you look like now.

Your photo is important to your dating profile. It’s what grabs people’s attention and gets them interested in reading more about you. Making poor photo decisions can lead to attracting the wrong kind of people.

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