6 Reasons Most Wives Should Make Their Own Money

My boyfriend and I plan on getting married soon. We both have great jobs but he makes nearly ten times what I make. He insists when we get married I should quit my job and concentrate on making our house a happy home. I don’t see a problem with his suggestion but my friends disagree. We can comfortably live on his salary alone and I’m actually contemplating quitting my job. Do you think I’m making the right decision?         Jackie

Before we go any further, no man on this earth should ever tell a woman to quit her job because she’s making less money than he does. We don’t know about you but it sounds really insulting for a guy to suggest such a thing. Jackie’s dilemma is very common. We bet you’ve heard many women say if they were married to someone like Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Atlantic Group), they would never work another day in their life. Well, we don’t believe that you should quit your job because we have six reasons you should continue making your own money even if he puts a ring on it.

  1. It makes you less dependent on your husband

Imagine having to ask your husband for money to buy everything including stuff like make-up, tampons and underwear. The beauty of making your own money is to become self-reliant; not to rely on a man to provide every little thing for you, which brings us to our next point.

  1. It gives you freedom

The best thing about making your own money is to be able to buy anything you want at any time you want as long as it doesn’t hurt the household budget. You see a dress you like, you buy it; you don’t have to ask your husband for money. Want to go away for the weekend with your girlfriends? You have the money so you fuel up your car and head out. You don’t have to ask for permission to use HIS money because you got your own.

  1. It gives you confidence

Nothing gives a woman more confidence than knowing that she has the ability and capability to pay the bills. You don’t have to spend every day wondering what will happen to your house or your kids should anything happen to your husband. And whether you like it or not, when people learn that you are a housewife, they immediately start thinking that you don’t have any skills or you are a goldigger. This can make it very hard for you to fit in with other women who aren’t housewives.

  1. Money makes you ambitious

When you make your own money you become ambitious and resourceful. You will always be looking for new and creative ways to earn extra income. Nobody said you can’t raise kids and still run a home based business. Who knows; your hobby might make you the next Martha Stewart.

  1. Money earns you respect

Your husband can decide to treat you the way he likes because he knows you can’t support yourself without his money. So where will you go with two kids and no money in your bank account? That’s why it is important to make your own money so you won’t have to stay in a bad marriage because you can’t afford to raise your kids on your own or some other money related excuse.

  1. You won’t be easily controlled

When you rely on someone to supply you with something you don’t have, you automatically give them the power to control you. Some husbands are notorious for denying their wives certain activities like hanging out with friends or going to places they like. Men who behave this way obviously have much deeper issues and are insecure about themselves.

Thank God we aren’t in the 1950s era where women had to rely on their husbands for allowance. We can work and even earn more than our husbands. We are not saying that all husbands who provide for their wives will transform into these awful, controlling, disrespectful creatures. There are plenty of women out there who can confidently say their husbands give them whatever they want but wouldn’t it be nice if you had a little of your own cash on the side?