6 Reasons Most Wives Should Make Their Own Money

My boyfriend and I plan on getting married soon. We both have great jobs but he makes nearly ten times what I make. He insists when we get married I should quit my job and concentrate on making our house a happy home. I don’t see a problem with his suggestion but my friends disagree. We can comfortably live on his salary alone and I’m actually contemplating quitting my job. Do you think I’m making the right decision?         Jackie

Before we go any further, no man on this earth should ever tell a woman to quit her job because she’s making less money than he does. We don’t know about you but it sounds really insulting for a guy to suggest such a thing. Jackie’s dilemma is very common. We bet you’ve heard many women say if they were married to someone like Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Atlantic Group), they would never work another day in their life. Well, we don’t believe that you should quit your job because we have six reasons you should continue making your own money even if he puts a ring on it.

  1. It makes you less dependent on your husband

Imagine having to ask your husband for money to buy everything including stuff like make-up, tampons and underwear. The beauty of making your own money is to become self-reliant; not to rely on a man to provide every little thing for you, which brings us to our next point.

  1. It gives you freedom