6 Signs That You Are Having An Emotional Affair

Emotional affairs are easier to have these days, with everyone being connected through the Internet. It may seem harmless at first. You just made a new friend you have a few things in common with. Then you begin sharing details of your life and finding it difficult to go a day without “talking.” Emotional affairs can happen offline as well. You can connect on an inappropriate level with someone you go to school with or work with. Here are six signs that you may be having an emotional affair.

1. You hide your conversations from your partner

If your spouse asks you who you’re texting and you blurt out your best friend’s name instead of the new person you met in an online game, you may be having an emotional affair. If you delete conversations because you worry about your spouse coming across them, this is suspicious behavior. If you have to delete conversations, it means you’re probably talking about things you shouldn’t be.

2. You miss someone else more than you miss your spouse

If you find that you don’t miss your partner much and aren’t happy when they come home from work or meet you for dinner, because you’re missing someone else more, this is a sign of an emotional affair. You’ve connected with someone on a level that makes you miss them so much it’s interfering with your current relationship. If you can’t go a day without talking to this person, you are spending too much time and emotion on a relationship that doesn’t involve your spouse.