6 Signs the Man You’re Dating is Toxic

Relationships shouldn’t  be stressful and destructive.

You might be used to certain behaviors in your relationships but if you’re dating a toxic man he can make you feel insecure, scared and even worthless.  Here are six signs of a toxic man.

1. He tries to talk his way out of lies
Lying is bad enough, but if he can’t even admit he’s lied, that’s an even bigger red flag. People tell lies for minor reasons sometimes. He might be insecure and feel that lying will make him look better. If you catch him in a lie and he attempts to talk his way out of it or tries to convince you that it isn’t as bad as you’re making it look, he might be a toxic man. He will make you feel like you’re overreacting and trying to make him look bad. It’s important that you trust the facts and your gut, and not allow him to make you question yourself.

2. He’s dependent
It’s nice when someone wants to be with you a lot, but when your boyfriend can’t do anything without you, or needs you to take care of him, he might be toxic. You are not in his life to take care of him and make sure all his needs are met. A dependent man will wear you down emotionally, mentally, and physically. When you’re dating someone, you want a partner in life, not someone who needs you to entertain him, feed him, do his laundry, or spend your life attached to his side.

3. He wants to control you