6 Signs You Are A Relationship Junkie

You like being in a relationship but there’s a huge problem. All the guys you date start out as funny, smart, intelligent and really caring. But somewhere along the road things start getting boring and you don’t know why. Well, maybe it’s because you are a new relationship junkie. Below are 6 signs that you could be one.

  1. You get easily bored with relationships

You don’t like getting comfortable in relationships. There’s something about being in a new relationship that’s exciting. There’s a little adventure and fun to it. You discover new things about each other. You explore all these new places together. But once the honey-moon phase of the relationship begins to fade you start getting bored. There’s nothing your partner will do that you haven’t already experienced. The relationship becomes monotonous and no matter how much you try to mix things up a little bit you can’t get satisfied.

  1. You want to be stuck in the honeymoon phase

The honeymoon phase is the most exciting part of any relationship. You spend nearly all your time together and the sex is also good. You don’t argue and your man goes the extra mile to please you and keep you happy. The moment the honeymoon phase is over things start getting real. Your man’s true character starts showing. All of a sudden you discover he hates showering everyday and would rather do it once a week. Or you discover he likes his stake medium rare while you like yours well done. You start questioning what you had in common. And all these flaws that he has? You can’t deal with them.

  1. You require a lot of attention