6 Signs Your Relationship is One-Sided

You’ve been suspecting this for a while, and your friends are starting to echo your suspicions: You’re giving your relationship your all while your significant other doesn’t seem to care on way or the other. How can you tell if your relationship is one-sided and you are the only one giving of your time and energy?

1.  He blows you off for other engagements. You’ve set plans in motion with him, but he cancels for a better offer. You’re always making sure you don’t over schedule your day, but he seems to cancel a lot. Either something better comes along, or he forgot he already had something else planned. Regardless, you get the shaft.

2.  Your quality time lacks quality. You notice that when you’re together, he’s constantly on his phone or you feel like you’re the one coming up with conversation starters and things to do.

3.  He gets easily distracted. When you’re talking to him, you notice that he doesn’t provide a lot of eye contact. His eyes are constantly moving about the room, maybe to a TV screen or other women. Or he lets someone else butt into your conversation and take over. And this happens to you a lot.