6 Signs Your Relationship is One-Sided

4.  You both make promises, but you’re the only one who sees them through. Promises he makes like: “Let’s go to that steakhouse sometime,” or “I’ll take you to see where I grew up this summer,” or “I’ll start treating you more gently when you get upset,” never see the light of day.

5. He gets defensive when you confront him. You need to know that he’s really trying to make things work, but when you ask him to stop hanging out with an ex or to start listening and not talk until you’re done sharing your feelings, he lashes back and accuses you of something to make the playing field even.

6. He forgets things you told him. While everybody has a lot to remember on a daily basis, if someone remembers something about you from a long time ago, then you know they took the effort to tuck that fact away in their brain. If your partner can’t remember your birthday or your favorite food or your biggest dream, it may not just mean he’s a little forgetful, it may he wasn’t listening and he doesn’t care.