6 Types of Men to Avoid When Dating

These days, most women are aware of the common signs of an abusive man. Most women know to be on the lookout for men who isolate them from loved ones and guys who fly into a jealous rage at the slightest provocation. But did you know there are other, more subtle signs that can save you the time and misery of entering into a doomed relationship?

The Victim

The victim is an expert at shifting the blame for his misfortune onto those around him. Did he get divorced three times? That’s only because his ex-wives were crazy gold diggers. Is he stuck in a dead-end job? That’s only because his boss is a jerk who refuses to promote him. Beware of a guy who has a tendency to explain away his bad luck; the victim will soon be blaming you for his life’s circumstances. You can spot the victim by his failure to accept responsibility, his tendency to live in the past, and his habit of playing “woe is me.”

The Charmer

You know the charmer. He is the guy who is the life of the party, the man who people can’t get enough of. He knows all the right things to say and when to say them. While there’s nothing wrong with a guy who brings excitement to your life, be on the lookout for the one who oozes charisma. The charmer believes he is irresistible and will flaunt his achievements, knowledge, sex appeal, and even his bank account. The problem with the charming man is that you are there only to feed his bottomless ego and make him look good. Once he finds that you are a person with feelings and needs of her own, he will destroy your sense of self-worth with verbal outbursts, silent treatment, or both.

The Mama’s Boy