7 Dating Issues That Women Shouldn’t Ignore

The dating game is tough, no matter how old you are or what men you are interested in. Unfortunately, some women are so anxious to make a relationship work that they are willing to hold onto a guy regardless of the sorts of red flags he puts up. Here is a look at seven issues you shouldn’t ignore, especially when you first start to date someone new. It’s better to cut and run now than end up in a bad committed relationship down the line.

1. All He Cares About Is Sex – Sure, you’re probably physically attracted to a man if you are dating him, but sex shouldn’t be the only thing on either of your minds when you first go out. If a man even mentions sex on your first date, you can take it as a sign that he’s much more interested in a hookup than something that is going to last. Even once you “do it,” physical attraction shouldn’t be the only thing that keeps your relationship going, or it will be unlikely to actually lead anywhere.

2. His Attitude Is Always Negative – Not everything is always going to be perfect in anyone’s life, but a man should be able to take his mind off the negatives if your relationship is a positive one. Many men like to put themselves down around women as a way of fishing for compliments, but you need to fight the urge to stick up for a guy who really isn’t all that great. Break it off instead so that you don’t spend years of your life being dragged down by a negative person.