7 First Date Ideas That Won’t Be Awkward

Here’s the thing about first dates. They should be simple but not too simple that they seem carelessly planned. They should be in places where you can chat without shouting over music or concentrating on something else other than your date. If you want to score a second date with your man, you need to wow them. So we have 7 first date ideas that won’t be awkward.

  1. Coffee date

Yes, we know it’s unoriginal and you won’t score points for creativity with this but take a moment to think about it. It’s less risky, it’s inexpensive and you can easily escape if things begin to go south during the date. In other words, a coffee date prevents fewer variables that will make it disastrous plus if you are just trying to see what your date is all about without setting a romantic tone, a coffee date would be perfect. And by the way, if you are just looking to go on a casual date, don’t go to one of those fluorescently lit coffee shops or franchises.

  1. Yard sale

It’s summer and you need to find a way to beat the heat so there’s no better way to do it than going to a yard sale. Most yard sales start before 9am so temperatures aren’t really that high during that time. Besides when you get to the yard sale early, you will get all the good stuff before it’s gone. You might even find something really valuable for your home at an incredible bargain. In addition, you might find something to laugh about with your date while rummaging through someone else’s stuff.

  1. Picnic

Let’s face it, dining at a restaurant can be expensive and a little cliché. It shows no creativity and some find it a little thoughtless. So why don’t you use your imagination and creativity to prepare something in advance for a picnic? If you have excellent culinary skills you can treat him to a tasty meal in a local yard, your own backyard or field.

  1. Go to the beach