7 Signs Your Dating Game Needs An Upgrade

Quick question:  Do you almost always never go past the first date? Do you feel like guys immediately delete your contact information from their phones the moment you part ways after your first date? Well, if it doesn’t happen with just one guy but with several guys then you have to admit there’s a huge problem…and it’s not because guys can’t handle a strong, successful woman like you. Still don’t believe us? These seven signs will tell you if your dating game is whack.

  1. Your expectations are right up there

For some reason you thought this guy’s looks would be breathtaking but because he has blue eyes and you are more into guys with gray eyes, you decided his looks were basic. And why was he such a gentleman? Ugh! You expected him to be edgy but smart not to mention super rich. What about his sense of humor? He is as funny as watching a cow chew cud. And his beer belly is just a turn off! Well newsflash woman! You can’t find a perfect guy. You gotta accept his flaws. Brad Pitt and David Beckham might look perfect but they have flaws. Maybe they snore at night or they slurp on their soup. Nobody’s perfect.

  1. You don’t have any expectations

You don’t care about the guys you go out with. You don’t have standards. Anything works for you. If he doesn’t have a job, doesn’t take care of himself and is less than nice to you, you don’t mind because once he gets to know you, he’ll change for the better.