7 Things Men Need To Understand And Get Over

The other day, *Heather* was hanging out with her friends. One of her girlfriends commented about how Beyonce has made it big in the music business. Her boyfriend commented and said that she only made it big because of Jay-Z. It didn’t end there. He went on and added that women as gorgeous as Beyonce don’t have the brains to make it that big without a man by their side. Heather was floored! How dare he make such an ignorant comment!

It’s really annoying how men understand very little about women. We don’t live in the fifties anymore so they need to get with the flow. Is it really that hard to accept change? We are tired of living in a sexist world where it’s always the man’s way or the highway. Well, thank God for gender equality because now we finally have a voice and we would like men to understand a few things:

  1. A pretty woman can be successful without sleeping her way up

We are tired of hearing men say that “oh, she got a promotion? She must have slept with the boss” or “Oh, her business is successful? It’s because she’s beautiful” or “oh, she make all that money? Her husband must have helped her”. Pretty women have brains too. They can work hard and build an empire without sleeping with the guys on top so deal with it.

  1. Not all women want to get married and have kids

It’s hard to believe this but some women are perfectly fine without kids or getting married. It’s just that society has this misconception that a woman cannot live without a man or kids. If she dares to say she won’t get married or have kids then she is and will never be a complete woman. Men need to stop pressuring women to get married.

  1. Not all women want sponsors

Believe it or not, not all women are looking for rich men to buy for them designer bags, clothes and shoes. We are career women and we make money; we can buy that shit for ourselves. But we can tell you for sure that we are not about to get married to a crack head who doesn’t have a job. That’s beneath us.

  1. Not all women like doing housework

Being a woman doesn’t automatically mean we don’t mind doing the laundry, cooking or cleaning. We can hire maids to clean our houses even when we are married. It’s either that or we split all the chores 50/50. You decide.

  1. Not all women want to become housewives

Some women are perfectly okay with dropping their careers to take care of their home. Being a wife and a mother is not easy but it’s rewarding and so is having a career. You can’t expect a woman to let go of her career because she is getting married. That’s crazy and in this harsh economy it’s probably a good idea to run a double income household.

  1. Not all women want the man to be head of the house

We too can wear the pants in the house. The man doesn’t always have to be the one to have the last word or make the final decisions in the home. And we want to let you in on a little secret. All those decisions you think you make on your own, we actually influence you to make them. So technically, we run shit in the house.

  1. Women don’t make men cheat

How exactly do women make their men cheat? Do they hold a gun to their heads and coerce them to have sex with other women?

“Oh, I cheated because you didn’t give me enough sex”.

“Oh, I cheated because you pay too much attention to the baby”.

“Oh, I cheated because I didn’t feel respected in my own house”.

Really? Men need to style up and stop with this shit. It’s immature and stupid. If you can’t keep it in your pants it’s your own fault, not your wife’s or girlfriend’s fault.

It’s pretty unfortunate that women have to live in such a sexist world but we can do something about it. If a man tells a joke that’s demeaning to women, don’t laugh at it. Don’t sleep your way to the top. It only encourages them to continue disrespecting women. If we stop reinforcing stereotypes, men will respect us more.