7 Types Of Men Your College Ex Might Have Turned Into

Very few guys take relationships in college seriously. Chances are you came across all sorts of guys that looked like they wanted a serious relationship but turned out they only wanted to have fun. Looking back, you probably wonder what happened to your exes. Did they grow up? Did they get married? Do they have kids? Well, maybe they turned into these guys:

  1. Successful

He probably was the most enterprising guy you knew back in college. He was always trying to sell something to his friends, to you or your friends. He hardly ever did anything that wasn’t going to help him rake in cash. Deep down you knew he was meant to be a successful guy. The reason your relationship didn’t work out was because he didn’t have time for you; he was more focused on his studies and becoming rich. Perhaps one day you’ll get to see him on the cover of Forbes magazine.

  1. The Stalker

You gave this guy your all back then but he treated you like trash. He dumped you on Valentine’s Day without an explanation. You cried every day in bed but eventually got over him. By the time he realized you were the perfect woman for him it was a little too late. You’d moved on to bigger and better things but he always tried to win you back. Last you heard, he is still single and talks about you to his friends.

  1. The ex who added weight