7 Ways to Tell If Your Partner is Cheating

Confronting the possibility that a partner has been unfaithful is a difficult and painful process. However, when it comes to warning signs, many people aren’t sure what to look for. While not every person having an affair will behave the same way, your partner’s actions can provide clues that may help you confirm your suspicions. Below are some of the most common signs that a significant other may be cheating.

Sudden Changes in Behavior:

While your partner’s daily routine may not be set in stone, most people tend to follow general patterns. If your partner suddenly starts to leave for work earlier or come home later, or if they seem to be having more meetings or time with friends than usual, it may be a sign that they have something to hide.

New Appearances:

One of the major red flags for an affair is a sudden focus on improving physical appearances. This could mean a change in personal grooming standards, new makeup, cologne, hairstyles, clothes, or even a gym membership. While it shouldn’t be treated as a sure sign of infidelity, renewed interest in physical appearances can be a sign that your partner is trying to impress or attract someone else.

Sudden Attachment to Their Phone:

Cheating partners often become much more possessive and protective of their cell phones. If your partner never leaves their phone out of their sight, or if they become unusually upset if you touch it, it could be a sign that there are incriminating images or messages on it. Other signs to watch for include odd charges on the phone bill, new passwords or security features, and phone calls or texts late in the night.

Unexplained Hostility:

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