8 Reasons Why Unhappy Couples Stay Together

You have probably seen them – couples who bicker and fight all the time and seem deeply unhappy with one another. Maybe you even have a few such couples in your own life. You may have wondered what sort of glue is holding them together even when they should be fleeing. There are many answers to that common question.

#1. For the Children
This is perhaps the most common reason couples cite for staying together in the midst of unhappiness. They fear the children will be traumatized by the breakup or divorce, or that their spouse will use the kids against them.

The problem is that the kids often feel caught in the middle anyway, regardless of what the adults are doing. Children are very perceptive, and they can sense when the adults in their lives are not getting along.

#2. They Hate Confrontation
Confrontation does not come naturally for many people, and that fear of confrontation keeps many people trapped in loveless marriages. The husband who feels unhappy may fear making his wife cry. The unhappy wife may fear anger from her spouse. No matter what the underlying problem, fear of confrontation keeps many couples right where they are.

#3. They Get Comfortable
The relationship may not be happy, but at least it is familiar. It is easy for couples to get comfortable even when they know they deserve better. If that sounds like you, at least you are not alone.

#4. Money is Tight