8 Reasons Why Your Relationships End in Disaster

If your last relationship (and the one before that, and the one before that) ended in a scene reminiscent of the Titanic, it may be time to reassess your dating life and your approach to the opposite sex. Here are 8 reasons you may be failing at the game of love, and what you can do about them.

#1. You Have Unrealistic Expectations
If your idea of romance is a knight riding up on a white horse, you might need to tamp down your expectations at bit. Chivalry might not be dead, but there is a serious lack of knights in the modern world.

Tamping down your expectations does not mean settling for a bad guy (or girl), but it does mean getting a healthy dose of reality. If you seek out great people, you will find them, but try not to expect too much too soon.

#2. You Do Not Know What You Want
It is hard to find a good relationship when you do not know what you want from a relationship. Being in a relationship is hard work, and you need to know what you are looking for.

That does not mean you need to start planning the marriage after your first date, but knowing what you expect from a relationship is key. Are you looking for a serious commitment, a bit of fun or somewhere in between?

#3. You Are Looking for Love in all The Wrong Places
You can meet plenty of guys at the local dive bar, but they may not be the kind of guys you want to bring home to mom and dad. If you broke off your last relationship because your significant other drank too much, think back to how you met.