8 Signs You Are a Commitment Phobe

Are all your friends getting engaged, married or entering into some kind of a committed relationship while the only huge decision you’ve made is whether you should spend Thanksgiving watching reruns of Sex and the City or the Walking Dead?

You are not single because you are a boring, annoying, ugly, self-entitled bitch. Nah. You are a fun loving, hardworking and sociable person. So why are you single when men are lining up waiting to marry you and have babies with you? It’s because you are a commitment phobe and these 8 signs will prove that you are:

  1. You love being set in your ways

The thought of having to give up control of your destiny and your life makes you shudder. You are used to living a certain lifestyle that it becomes difficult for anyone to live up to your expectations. People in relationships sometimes make sacrifices in order to make their partners happy but you can’t see yourself doing that.

  1. You prefer forbidden fruits

There’s something about a guy who’s taken that just makes you want to go after him even more. Available guys just turn you off but when you find out they are married, your interest in them peaks. And it’s not just guys who are unavailable that you gravitate towards. You go for guys you know you can’t have a real relationship with.

For instance, you will date a guy who doesn’t believe in sticking to one girl. The moment he starts acting as if he is interested in making you his main girl, you break up with him citing that he’s a player and you can’t enter into a long term relationship with a guy like that.

  1. You are too picky