8 Signs Your Relationship is Going Nowhere

So you think you have met the guy of your dreams. He looks like one of those guys on the cover of a romantic novel or he is a bad boy spotting this sexy rugged look that just makes you weak in the knees. You have been dating this guy for a while and you’re probably questioning whether he will stick around. Here are tell-tale signs that he probably won’t.

  1. He takes every opportunity to get into your pants

You’re busy trying to tell him how your day was and he is busy trying to unbutton your blouse. You try texting him about your day and all his responses have a sexual connotation. He invites you over for dinner and when it’s time for dessert, he slips his hand under your dress. Every time you tell him you are not ready to for sex he makes you feel guilty about turning down his advances. Word of advice: stay away from this type of guy because we all know that once he gets what he wants, you will never hear from him again.

  1. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends or anyone

You have been seeing each other for five months and you have never met any of his friends or family members. He is never ready to introduce you because it’s never the right time.

If he ever introduces you, he doesn’t make it clear who you are to him. He will probably say something like “Everybody this is Aisha” instead of “Everybody, this is Aisha, my girlfriend”. Don’t be surprised if one of his male friends starts hitting on you after such an introduction because they think you are just a friend.

  1. You’ve never gone to his house