9 Reasons Why Successful Women Have a Hard Time Finding a Good Man

You might think that powerful successful women would have no problem attracting great men, but that is often not the case. In fact, powerful and successful women who earn a good living and enjoy their independence often have a hard time finding a partner. Here are 10 reasons successful women have a hard time landing a great man.

#1. They Are Perfectionists
Successful women tend to be perfectionists. They want everything in their lives, from their careers to their relationships, to be perfect. Life does not work that way, and you may need to lower your expectations just a tad to find a guy who fits into your life.

#2. They Have a Hard Time Dealing with Failure
No one goes around broadcasting their failures, least of all successful women. If you have a successful career, great friends and a good life, failing in your relationship can make  you feel terrible. The sooner you realize that nothing is perfect, the sooner you can find the guy of your dreams.

#3. Men Take Advantage of Them
Some men think that hooking up with a highly-paid successful woman means that they can quit their lousy jobs (or not get a job). Successful women can be magnets for moochers, and they need to stay on their toes to make sure the men in their lives see more than just a wallet.

#4. Some Men are Intimidated by Success