9 Signs That You Should Consider Ending Your Relationship

When you have been in a serious relationship for a long time, it is common to repress your doubts and feelings of unhappiness when the relationship starts to fail. Often, it is just too painful and frightening to acknowledge that you are falling out of love, as you know that ending the relationship will change your life forever. However, it is important to be honest with yourself and your partner if the relationship has become a source of unhappiness, anger or resentment. In some cases, acknowledging your problems can lead you to make changes that will rescue the relationship and lead to a happier future. In other cases, the relationship will turn out to be beyond repair. Either way, it is only fair to yourself and your partner to reveal your true feelings and work out what should be done. Read on to discover the nine main signs that you should at least consider ending your current relationship.

1) Your communication has become minimal:

Over time, couples can become apathetic about conversation, reducing the depth of their communication until they only discuss practical details and mundane facts. This causes a diminished level of closeness, as a meaningful relationship needs personal and significant conversation in order to survive. If you struggle to remember the last time you and your partner talked about anything except finances and household chores, your communication has hit rock bottom. Once you realize this, there is scope for staying with your partner if you share a genuine desire to improve the way you relate to one another. However, if you cannot find the energy or motivation to talk to each other more often and communicate on a more personal level, this is a strong indication that ending the relationship would be the right choice.

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