9 Stupid Things Men Think About Women

Men are complicated, women are complicated. We might never understand each other. No wonder there’s so much stereotype and misconception in our society. Some of these stereotypes have hindered both men and women from reaching their full potential for a very long time. But today we just want to clarify a few things that men think women do.

So men, here’s the stupid things you think about women …

1.  We can’t have no-strings-attached sex

Yea, we can totally bang you and not feel some type of way about you. We don’t have to fall in love with you and we won’t start caring about what you think about us. So if you are down for carefree sex, so are we.

2.  We only watch chic flicks

Ummm, not all of us love watching chic flicks or soap operas. We have other interests like watching a baseball or football game. And no, we don’t pretend to like sports because of the hot masculine men. We can tell you who’s who, which team they play for, how many games they’ve played and how many points they’ve scored ever since they started playing.

3.  We only get angry when we are on our periods