After The Breakup

If only moving on was as easy as the memes say…

Regardless of who ended the relationship or how it ended, people frequently struggle with the common problem of finding themselves alone.  Too often you find yourself exercising bad behavior to mask the pain you’re in:

  • Using food to eat your feelings away, which only makes you feel worse (not to mention fat).
  • Drinking too much booze or smoking too much weed to numb your pain (you might end up with a DUI or once again, fat).
  • Trashing your ex on social media (this only makes you look crazy or bitter).
  • Diving into risky sexual situations to make you feel that you’re still desirable (can you say STD).
  • Worst yet, jumping into a new doomed-from-the-start relationship (and the cycle continues).

So instead of falling into the above bad habits, try some of the suggestions below to keep yourself from plummeting into despair and making your breakup easier to deal with.

  1. That’s what friends are for.

Unless you are the type that have relationship drama every other week, your friends will happily be there for you to talk to.  Not only will talking with your friends lighten the internal weight you feel but they can provide perspective about the relationship that you couldn’t see.

  1. Maintaining a healthy-living routine.