Are You Involved in a Long Goodbye?

If you can answer YES to 5 or more of these questions, you have a chance for a renewed relationship. If not, you need to cut all ties.

1. Had you been dating for more than 6 months before you broke up?

Relationships that have gone on for at least a half year are naturally stronger, more durable, and just harder to justify getting out of.

2. Did you have a cheat-free relationship when you were together?

Having a past relationship that never involved cheating is a sign that things were fairly good. They could be good again.

3. When you broke up, was it for well–thought-out reasons (not a heat of the moment argument)?

If you broke up because you got in a fight about chores or politics and it escalated too much, the breakup may have simply been a heat of the moment mistake. If you broke up because one of you said you were “out of love” with the other or someone cheated, it’s of course more serious and might need to be permanent.

4. Right now, is he initiating texting/messenger conversations with you?

If you are always the initiator of conversations, he might just be acting civil and responding back to you. If he is still in this relationship for all intents and purposes (even though you’re technically broken up), he’s going to be the one initiating conversation a lot of the time.

5. When he reaches out to you, is it for things other than just needing or wanting something (i.e. money, a ride to the airport, a booty call)?

If you are saying that he still seems “interested” because he calls you a lot, think about why he calls. If it’s only when he needs something, that’s not a good sign for your future together.

6. Has he stayed single since the breakup?