Are You Involved in a Long Goodbye?

This sounds sort of complicated, and to be sure, some of the details that surround this concept can get tricky. But the results have been so universally positive for so many women that it’s worth learning about.

Planting the Seed of Devotion encompasses a set of techniques that were created and honed by Brad Browning, a relationship expert who created the program The Ex Factor Guide.

With these concepts in tow, you can:

– Change his mind so that he wants to try the relationship again (he will be desperate for it)

– Make him fall deeply in love with you again

– Get it right from the beginning this time

It’s all about the way you talk to your ex. Any woman can learn this.  The key is getting the timing right. You only have a limited window for these concepts to work right.

Whether it’s on your own, trying to ask him what’s wrong and why he doesn’t want to get back together, or actually creating a tried and true working plan for getting him back with The Ex Factor Guide, act now in this window of opportunity. After all, you can’t live in limbo with your ex forever.

The questions you answered above will help you figure out where you’re at with this stage of your relationship. But you also have to go with your gut. If you believe you should be together again, then arm yourself with all the necessary tools, and go get him! – Char Brown