Are You Single Because You Are A Nice Girl?

You are a smart, beautiful, fun loving girl with an eye for fashion and a good sense of humor but you are single. You always see fine men getting nabbed by girls who are mean, selfish and downright bitchy. Deep down you know you are better than those mean girls but somehow you just can’t get a second date let alone a steady hookup. So what gives?

Maybe you are just too nice! We know what you’re thinking; men like nice girls. Well, here’s why your “niceness” isn’t getting you a man.

  1. You are boring

Being nice is so…..boring. It’s the most basic quality to present. It doesn’t differentiate you from all the other girls. Men don’t simply want nice. They want a girl who is fun and isn’t afraid to do something out of the ordinary. Nice girls are so predictable and plain.

  1. You are not an alpha female

A great guy will want to date a girl who is in control of her life and is able to gain the respect of his friends. If your friends walk all over you and take advantage of your generous heart, then it’s a sure sign you are not an alpha female.

  1. You are agreeable

It’s like you can’t say no to anything and you don’t have an opinion about anything. Guys don’t like girls who agree with them about everything. We are not saying that you should disagree with him on everything because then again that would be a turn off. But at least have an opinion or have a view different from his.

  1. You don’t take risks

You are constantly talking about achieving your goals but you don’t want to get out of your comfort zone. You are constantly looking for the right man but you don’t want to get out of the house and meet new people. Are you hoping that the man of your dreams will miraculously knock on your door?

  1. You are afraid to stand up for yourself

He picks you up late with no explanation and you forgive him because you don’t want to pick a fight with him. He promises to take you out for dinner but he doesn’t show up. When you call him he says he forgot and because you are so “understanding” you let it slide. A guy will treat you the way you let him treat you. If you show him you are a pushover, he will treat you like a pushover and he won’t respect you.

  1. You can’t handle your shit

You are not self sufficient. You can’t handle your problems without getting stressed. Every time you encounter a small obstacle you immediately call him because you know he will fix it for you. Unless he is on your payroll, you have to learn how to fix things yourself before calling a man to help you out. The last thing you want to come across as needy. If you can fix your own problems why do you need another guy to do it for you?

  1. You are easily manipulated

You allow yourself to get manipulated even when it’s obvious you are being manipulated. This can frustrate any guy because they know you almost always end up getting the short end of the stick. Guys need a girl who is assertive and not easily taken advantage of.

  1. You are always friend zoned

Sad, but true. Nice girls almost always get friend zoned. You make a great friend but a terrible girlfriend. Guys treat you like one of the “boys”. But here’s the deal: a guy will only see what you allow him to see. Unless you switch up your game, he will always see you as a great friend, not a great girlfriend.

We are not saying that being nice is a bad thing; it really isn’t. In fact, you don’t have to hide how nice you are. You just need to be that girl who treats men right but stands up to her own principles. You have to be the woman who leads, a woman who decides whether she wants the relationship to go any further or not. Don’t be the girl who begs a man to love her. Be the woman who makes a man think to himself “she is a great catch”.

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