Are you the type of woman men avoid?

Ladies, we are fabulous, unique and beautiful. Some of us are confident, others are shy and others are strong. We all have great qualities. But when it comes to dating men, there are certain qualities that instantly repel them.  Find out here if you are the type of woman that has men running the other direction.

  1. The smart ass

Let’s get one thing straight; most men enjoy having a conversation with a woman who has an opinion and can actually participate in a debate or a conversation on just about any topic. But when that confidence and intelligence turns discussions into confrontations, men run as fast as they can.

A smart ass type of woman drips sarcasm. She answers questions with an attitude and tone that pushes men away. She enjoys making others feel like they are less smart than her. She likes saying that no one really “gets” her.

  1. The yapper

This type of woman talks like she has swallowed a tape recorder or something. She talks to anyone who is willing to listen or at least pretends to listen. She is not a good listener herself and this sort of trait is annoying. In fact, it’s just exhausting listening to her.

  1. The serial dater