Are you the type of woman men avoid?

Ladies, we are fabulous, unique and beautiful. Some of us are confident, others are shy and others are strong. We all have great qualities. But when it comes to dating men, there are certain qualities that instantly repel them.  Find out here if you are the type of woman that has men running the other direction.

  1. The smart ass

Let’s get one thing straight; most men enjoy having a conversation with a woman who has an opinion and can actually participate in a debate or a conversation on just about any topic. But when that confidence and intelligence turns discussions into confrontations, men run as fast as they can.

A smart ass type of woman drips sarcasm. She answers questions with an attitude and tone that pushes men away. She enjoys making others feel like they are less smart than her. She likes saying that no one really “gets” her.

  1. The yapper

This type of woman talks like she has swallowed a tape recorder or something. She talks to anyone who is willing to listen or at least pretends to listen. She is not a good listener herself and this sort of trait is annoying. In fact, it’s just exhausting listening to her.

  1. The serial dater

This type of woman has seven dates lined up for the entire week. Her profile is on every dating service and she doesn’t have a problem letting it be known that she is “in demand”. Men don’t really need to know you are dating more than one guy. It’s a turn off and if a guy really liked you, he won’t stand the thought of competing with the entire city just to spend time with you.

  1. The Cinderella

Men avoid this type of woman because she lives in a fairy tale. She is obsessed with finding Prince Charming. She wants a perfect guy. Her expectations are so high and unrealistic that no man can ever fulfill them.

  1. The gold digger

This type of woman expects the guy to pay her bills and take her shopping. She expects her man to spend money on her all the time. On the first date she won’t hesitate to ask a man how much he earns. It’s a big blow to a man’s ego to ask him how much he earns. That’s why most men stay away from gold diggers.

  1. The complainer

This type of woman is never satisfied no matter what her man does for her. She will complain and nag her man endlessly. She will make his life so much harder than it was before he met her. Men avoid this type of woman because she is difficult to deal with.

  1. Miss always right

She is never wrong; she is always right. She never loses an argument.  The stubbornness for always being correct turns men away and turns any relationship into a disaster. If you prove her wrong or disagree on anything, she will go out of her way to make you pay. It’s very hard to change this type of woman.

  1. The psycho

This woman will call her man twenty times a day to “check” up on him. She won’t let her man enjoy his time with the boys in peace.  She will post on her man’s FaceBook wall ten times a day and send him more than ten inboxes a day. She is not easy to spot at first because she brings such intensity and passion to the relationship it almost seems surreal. But as time goes by, he true colors show and she begins to wreak havoc in the relationship.

  1. The rebound

This type of girl isn’t looking for a relationship; she is looking for a rebound guy. Like the psycho, it’s hard to detect what she is up to. She starts hot and heavy and can seduce any player into believing she is the one. Just when a guy is hooked, she ups and leaves. However, certain signs will show him that he was just a rebound. For instance, her radiant and blazing personality quickly changes once she has had her sexual encounter with him.

Do you fall into any of these categories? If you do, then you need to do something about it. Unless you want to live alone without a good man by your side. written by Jackie K.