Attract with the Color of Love

Throughout history, the color red has long been synonymous with love, passion, and desire. Now scientists may be able to explain why the crimson hue really is special when it comes to love, and how the color can play a subconscious role when initially attracting someone you may be interested in.

According to research from the University of Rochester, when a man sees a woman in red, he is immediately and unconsciously influenced by the color to find her more attractive. Researchers at the university found simply wearing the color red, or even being bordered by the color, makes a woman more sexually desirable to men. What is even more fascinating is that men are completely oblivious to this arousing effect.  In one of the studies men were shown pictures of women who were wearing red or, framed by red in the picture border, and then later, shown pictures of the same women wearing a different color than red, or not framed by red, and the men significantly rated the women wearing red, or framed by red, more attractive and sexually desirable than the same exact women not wearing red.

Similarly, researchers at the University of Rochester conducted studies on women and found the same results to be true for men when it comes to wearing the vibrant color. The researchers believe when a woman sees a man in red, she sees him as higher status, having more money, and is instinctively more attracted to him.