Avoid the Sting of a Scorpio Man

So you’re excited because you’ve met someone new and think you may have found the man of your dreams. His birth sign might be a problem though. You could end up dating a Scorpio man with a sting in his tail.

Depending on your own personality traits, this might not be such a bad idea.

You would most likely be able to make it work if you were born under Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Virgo or Capricorn.

The Scorpio’s passion is intense. If he falls for you, he will fall hard. He will be possessive, wanting you for himself alone. Although he will attract you with his burning eyes and sexy voice, he could also drain you with his neediness. You will have to persuade him to socialize with you, rather than always having intimate evenings where he will want you to bare your soul.

You might have problems drawing him out though, at least until he learns he can have absolute trust in you. And woe betide you if he thinks you have betrayed his trust. That’s when his sting comes into play – and you really feel it.

The scorpion is not the only animal symbol for a Scorpio. As he develops his ability to master his jealous emotions and control his sting, his totem transforms into an eagle. He will still feel his passions, but will only act on them when he believes his survival depends on it. Dating a Scorpio man in these circumstances will be less of a roller coaster for you.

The third animal totem for a Scorpio is the dove, symbol of peace. When the dove arrives in his life, the Scorpio has no more need for jealousy. He is at peace with the world and with his lot. He is overflowing with unselfish love. Dating a Scorpio man at this time of his life would be pure bliss.

The planet associated with Scorpio is Pluto, keeper of the dark underworld or of the secrets in our hearts. Scorpios can have dark sides, but they have secret wells that they can draw on to bring you pleasure when they care enough to unlock them.