Beauty Is Only Skin Deep…

You’ve probably heard that saying: “Beauty is only skin deep…”  Right?  And it’s mean sister saying: “But ugly goes right to the bone.”

Very often we get caught up in he trappings of beauty, without ever really discovering what beauty REALLY is for a woman.

After all, you’re sold a bill of goods when you’re growing up…

Every girl is a princess – just like in the Disney movies. And every man is a prince, waiting to come rescue you – whisk you away in his carriage and carry you away.

And marry you the next day.

Some women spend a good portion of their lives either angry that this fairy tale romance doesn’t really exist (at least not literally), or they fervently believe that it’s their destiny to have this become their reality. They put their real lives on hold while they wait for their ‘prince’ to show up at their door.

I suspect you’re a different kind of woman…

You’re probably past most of that kid stuff, and you’re really looking for that guy that wouldn’t “save” or “rescue” you as much as “complete” you – in the HEALTHY way.

I really believe that it’s a good thing to find a person that complements (and compliments!) your life… That’s like a Lego block you can feel comfortable snapping together with.

NOT a person you become reliant on to either give your life meaning – or depend on for your state of happiness.

But someone you find an essential companion on the road of life, that enhances your experiences and helps give them real meaning and depth.

That is the big difference between that old term “co-dependence” and the healthy kind of love you need most.

So back to what I started talking about here: Beauty.

What is beauty to a man?

Beauty is something to him that is “completely different” than what most women understand about it. (Stick with me here to the end, because what I’m going to share is going to surprise you…

Many women think that beauty is just a feature of a woman that helps her attract and draw a man in. Some women even believe that beauty is the most powerful trait they can possess in life.

Here are three things about beauty you might not know about – from a man’s point of view: