Chronicles Of Being The Single One With Married Friends

My name is Jackie and I’m single. I have three married friends. I was a bridesmaid in all their weddings and I’m glad I helped make their special day memorable. So here’s the deal:

Back in college we were all really close. We did some crazy stuff I’m sure if my parents knew about they would never look at me the same way. So we graduated from college and luckily, we landed good jobs and eventually entered into serious relationships. At some point we were all married but somewhere along the way I started having problems with my husband and due to irreconcilable differences we got a divorce.

Let me just say that my three friends advised me to leave my husband. They said he didn’t deserve me and they encouraged me to get a divorce. No, I didn’t divorce my husband because of my friends but I really felt like they were there for me when I needed them. But something changed once I told them the divorce was final and I was a free woman.

They said I would “steal” their husbands

Well, they didn’t outright tell me this but from the way they were acting they might have as well said it. Crazy, right? I mean, what other reason did I have for getting divorced other than to steal their husbands away from them? Did I mention their husbands are so weak minded and unable to say no to my advances that stealing them would be as easy as taking candy away from a kid?