Dealing with Relationship Stress

Relationships, especially with our significant others, can sometimes be a major source of stress in our lives. Personal stress caused by a relationship can be some of the hardest we deal with because our spouse or significant other is often who we turn to when we encounter stress in other parts of our lives. Relationship stress can be positive in the long run because overcoming it most often makes your relationship more stable.

Stress in relationships can come from many different places or can be a combination of minor things that add up. Finding what is causing the stress is the first, and most important, step to reducing relationship stress.

What are the major causes of stress in a relationship and how can you work on fixing them?

Money – The most common stressor for most relationships is financial. Financial stress is also one of the hardest to work through because unlike most other forms of stress, you can’t really adjust your income and expenses like you can your time. Financial stress is actually a form of “Uncertainty” stress because your long term, or possibly immediate, future become cloudy when you could be facing foreclosure, repossession, or eviction.