Don’t Forget Them to Get Over Them

Remember them.

There are two major reasons we struggle to forget someone.

1. We truly believed they were the one.

2. We’re afraid that we won’t find anyone better.

However, there are two things we should remember:

1. If someone is the one, they’ll come back into our lives no matter how far we may drift apart.

2. There’s always someone better for you. Or, rather, someone just as good who will love and respect you.

That feeling when someone you loved has so quickly moved on without you can be truly soul-crushing. Instead of forcing yourself to forget them, I want you to be free to remember them.

Remember them when you’re alone at night, remember the pain, remember how you cried so hard you couldn’t breathe, and remember how you hid your eyes with sunglasses so no one can see how badly you were taking the breakup.

Remember them on your birthday, and how they’re actively not spending it with you. Remember that they’ll be celebrating someone else’s birthday and that they want to grow older without you.

Remember how they once promised not to leave you when you’re alone, how happy they could’ve made you if they hadn’t left.

Remember them when you go to a friend’s engagement party or wedding that you’re left without your plus one and you have to find someone else to go with. Or you’ve got to go alone.

Remember them whenever your family asks if you’re seeing someone and how they could’ve helped make that less awkward. Remember that they don’t care about you feeling less awkward with your family.

Remember them when you’re out having fun with friends, and that this is how they should’ve been making you feel, but they decided to have their own adventures. They decided they wanted you as a stranger and not a friend.

Remember as you’re smiling, because people appreciate and love you, and they could not, and how they tried to take that smile from you. Remember that they’re choosing to make someone else smile instead.

Remember them every time you want to forget them, remember that they have forgotten you, remember that they want you to forget them.

Remember them, after you’ve gotten over the hurt and pain, they have caused you. Remember them now that you are happy again.  Remember them in case they ever stay to weasel back into your life.

Remember and thank them for leaving, for forcing you to find a way to be happy again. For making your life fuller and brighter without them. Thank them for making you focus on you instead of them.

Don’t live in the past but never forget them, because every breakup teaches you something and can help you grow into a wiser more confident person. -C. Sky