Eight Key Signs He is Husband Material

You know the major signs that your man is marriage material such as he’s ambitious, can hold down a job, honest, and desires to be married.  But there are other key signs that your man is husband material.  To avoid getting stuck with someone who gives you less than you deserve, watch for these signs to know that you’re with a man worth walking down the aisle for.

1. He has a good sense of humor

Spending the rest of your life with someone is an arduous task, so choose a man who can really make you laugh. Sense of humor is a matter of taste, but if his jokes remind you of  drunk uncle at a wedding then you might find him hard to tolerate in the long-term.

2. He makes an effort

While there’s no need to don a tuxedo just to take a woman to the store, a man who is husband material will at least have the basic personal hygiene rules down. If a guy smells like a gym locker room and is proudly wearing a shirt covered in food stains, it’s time to make a hasty retreat.

3. He stays in touch just the right amount