Eight Things Every Woman Should Know About Men

Men can seem pretty confusing from the outside, baffling you with strange approaches to dating and exasperating you with irritating household habits. However, if you understand men well enough to know what to expect, relationships will run much more smoothly. Here are eight things every woman should know about men.

1. They want you to tell them what’s wrong

Women tend to be a lot more intuitive than men, so don’t expect him to pick up on the subtle cues that indicate you are pissed off or hurt. If you think he acted like a jerk or he appears to have forgotten your birthday, tell him! Affected sighs and a sullen tone will only confuse him and prolong the discomfort in your relationship.

2. They get nervous about dates as well

No matter how confident he might appear on a date, it’s highly likely that he is anxious about all the same things that concern you. This means he’ll be worrying about everything from whether you think he looks good to whether you like the restaurant he recommended. If he doesn’t say all the right things at the start of the evening, give him a chance to relax and he might surprise you.

3. They will call if they’re interested