Eight Things Men Need From Women in a Relationship

After a string of difficult relationships, it’s easy to start wondering if you are the problem. However, it’s a lot more likely that you’re making one of two mistakes. Either you’re chronically attracted to men who behave like remorseless, overgrown children or you’ve not found out what men really need from a relationship. Here are eight things that you need to offer a man in order to have a satisfying relationship.

1. Praise

Most men have large, fragile egos that need careful treatment. You don’t need to tell your partner he’s hotter than every other man who walks the earth or say you’re sure he will be president some day, but you do need to reassure him that he’s attractive, good in bed and competent at his job.

2. Sexual intimacy

In truth, not all men think about butts and boobs every three seconds or need to get laid every day in order to be happy. Nevertheless, men do hold sexual connection in high regard, so working to maintain that crucial sense of intimacy is vital (especially if you want to hold his attention). Don’t underestimate the power of a throwaway sexual compliment or a deep kiss that shows you want him.

3. Independence