Five Dating Site Profile Warning Signs to Watch Out For

Finding love online has become increasingly popular in recent years. Online dating is no longer considered strange or unwise in the way it once was. However, finding a partner on the internet is still problematic in ways that normal dating is not. Determining from only an online profile whether a person is right for you is extremely difficult. Still, certain signs can indicate a flawed character or bad personality: here are five dating site profile warning signs to watch for.

1. Excess negativity. A profile that is filled with complaints and lists of things the person doesn’t like can be a bad sign. If that is the attitude this person takes with their own life, what reason is there to think will they be any different when it comes to you? No one wants a relationship with someone who does nothing but focus on the negative. People like that drain all the joy out of life and make every situation miserable and depressing. Steer clear of profiles that indicate a negative, whiny personality.

2. Claims of self-employment and/or an entrepreneurship. Yes, some people actually are self-employed or are entrepreneurs. However, much of the time these terms are used to cover up for unemployment or lack of a career. If a person is self-employed, then they should be able to list what sort of work they are doing, even if they are working for themselves. Someone with no job may be a fine person, but is probably not dating material. Try someone else instead.

3. Profiles that focus primarily on looks and beauty. You don’t want to be with someone who is superficial and shallow. Look out for those who pose in skimpy clothing and people who spend paragraphs describing what their ideal mate would look like. This is the sort of person who can’t see past skin-deep. They are probably uninteresting and won’t want to get to know you well. Don’t settle for superficial attraction — hold out for a relationship where there’s a chance for a deeper connection.

4. Profiles that focus excessively on professional accomplishments and money. Ambition and a steady job are well and good, but people who only care about their careers or the size of their paycheck don’t make for good relationship material. Individuals like this are ultimately self-centered and frequently egotistical. You don’t want to be with someone who has no interests outside of work, or who thinks they can impress you solely with fancy meals and expensive gifts. Look for someone with more substance to their character.

5. Heavily manipulated photos. Okay, so everyone tries to look their best for their dating site photos — nothing wrong with that. However, there is a fine line between putting your best self forward and outright deception. If every photo is taken from the same strange angle, or if all the photos seem to be from 15 years ago, you may be dealing with a dishonest person. People who are willing to be deceptive on their dating profile will probably lie to you in regular life too.

Finding romance on the internet is a difficult and even depressing process. Most of your potential matches will probably be duds. However, don’t let this get you down. You only need to find one wonderful person with whom you can have a happy relationship to make the whole process worthwhile. Weeding out potential partners who are unlikely to be your dream match can make online dating a much better proposition. Use these five common dating site profile warning signs to help you avoid the bad apples.

By Carlton Ryan

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