Five Dating Site Profile Warning Signs to Watch Out For

Finding love online has become increasingly popular in recent years. Online dating is no longer considered strange or unwise in the way it once was. However, finding a partner on the internet is still problematic in ways that normal dating is not. Determining from only an online profile whether a person is right for you is extremely difficult. Still, certain signs can indicate a flawed character or bad personality: here are five dating site profile warning signs to watch for.

1. Excess negativity. A profile that is filled with complaints and lists of things the person doesn’t like can be a bad sign. If that is the attitude this person takes with their own life, what reason is there to think will they be any different when it comes to you? No one wants a relationship with someone who does nothing but focus on the negative. People like that drain all the joy out of life and make every situation miserable and depressing. Steer clear of profiles that indicate a negative, whiny personality.