Five Ways to Build Up Your Self-Confidence

How you feel about yourself will show in everything that you do. If you lack confidence in your abilities, your work or studies will reflect it. Your attitude towards others and life in general will take on a sour perspective. Ultimately, negative feelings about yourself will have a compounding effect, making you feel worse with each passing day.

Lack of self-confidence can eventually have a devastating effect on your livelihood. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. You have the power to change things for the better, directing your path towards a brighter life and a better future. And it all starts with building up your self-confidence.

Look Good and Feel Great

Looking good works wonders for improving self-confidence. It’s hard to feel bad when you think you look good. Add some exercise to your life to help get your body in shape. Exercise will give you more energy and make you physically feel better. Also, take time to dress up, looking your best no matter the situation. Whether it is attending church service or going grocery shopping, let your outward appearance show yourself, and others, that you have confidence in who you are.

Be Heard

Having strong self-confidence in yourself starts with having confidence in your thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Don’t be afraid of letting people know how you feel given the situation. Speak with certainty and believe that what you think has both relevance and value.

Pat Yourself on the Back

Remember your accomplishments. Look to past successes to remind yourself what you’re capable of doing. However, don’t stop there. Set goals to create opportunities for new successes. By being attentive of your achievements, you give yourself plenty of fuel to grow your self-confidence.


Lending a helpful hand helps to boost your self-confidence as well. There’s nothing wrong with the pride you feel after providing aid to someone in need. With helping others, you also receive the added benefit of getting thanks. Others showing you gratitude for your generosity of time or otherwise will help strengthen your self-confidence.

Love Yourself

You can do the most damage to your self-confidence by talking down to yourself. The opposite, however, is also true. By speaking positively to yourself, you build yourself up. Take time daily to self-affirm. Use a mirror and speak uplifting words or phrases at the start of each day to get you going. If you feel a lull in your attitude at any time during the day, just lift yourself up with a kind word here and there as needed.

Take advantage of the opportunities to build and sustain your self-confidence. Always remember that you have the most power over how you feel from day to day. Use the tips listed here or make up some yourself. Believe in who you are and know that you have value, to others and, most importantly, to yourself. And remember to smile.