Five Ways to Tell Your Man You Love Him (In His Language)

Ever had a conversation with your beau that’s gone something like this? You: “I love you.” Him: “I love you too”. You: “No, like I really love you!” Sometimes words just don’t feel like enough. Before you dash out to buy a mushy card and some heart-shaped candy, consider these five ways to show him how you really feel – in his language.

1.      Make his thing your thing

Having separate interests is part of a healthy relationship, but straying occasionally into your guy’s world can be a powerful way to show him what he means to you. Maybe you’re an early riser and he’s a night owl – ditch the morning routine and stay up late with him for a change. If he’s an avid sports fan, accompany him to a game (and go the whole hog with face paint and a banner!) Get into his favorite band, try out that bar he loves, or read his number one book.  Whatever it is that gets your guy stoked, he’ll be doubly stoked to share it with you.

2.      Let him talk – and listen