Four Ways to Keep Your Man Interested

It is easy for a girl to assume that her man is a wanderer, that he is fickle and as or more easily distracted by the allure of new relationships than he thinks a woman can be. This, however, is nothing more than a reverse-stereotype and not true. In reality, guys are no different from the gals when it comes to having a variety of needs to stay happy in a relationship.

The guys, just like the girls, need attention, affection, and some randomization to go with some nicely established routines. It’s all in recognizing the needs that make a relationship work and making the sacrifices to see them through.

A man wants to be with a girl who is, first and foremost, desirable. No, this does not mean a beauty queen. It means a girl who respects herself as well as him and displays a certain element of vulnerability. Be too independent and he’ll run the other way, but be needy, clingy, and not independent enough and he’ll hightail it all the same.

What are some ways a girl can keep her man interested? Follow these simple points and you’ll likely find your man cuddling more than ever before.

#1. Work on Being More Spontaneous:

Studies show that people don’t generally like surprises, but a “random act of affection,” a nice admonition or compliment, a short and unplanned romantic trip, or a surprise favorite dish cooked to his liking can shock and awe your man to no end. Keep him on his toes and never be too predictable. Keep planning and make it a regular priority to invest in fishing out the unexpected. If he’s worth his salt, he’s doing the same for you (or maybe he will be when you begin to show more initiative in this yourself). The level of energy you put into the relationship is an indication of what you will get out of it.

#2. Work on Smelling Great All The Time:

Forget strong perfumes or overpowering lotions. Smell natural, but smell clean. Bodily hygiene is important and a lack of offensive odors will not only make you more approachable, but make him more interested in approaching you more often.

#3. Be His Trophy Girl (and Like it):

It sounds like we’re reducing women to arm candy here, but we are not. A healthy relationship is based on knowledge. Part of this knowledge is that men are competitive by nature. Men take great joy in sporting a classy, beautiful woman. Even if they aren’t superficial and it isn’t their main focus, a man likes to be able to show off his woman.

Do you two look good together? Do you look sweet in his arms? If not, what could be his true interest in you? Maybe you have good sexual chemistry together? Maybe you have great sex or share a non-popular sexual fantasy that you each are willing to play out whereas other potential mates will not? But is that all? And how long do you suppose that arrangement will last?

What are we saying? How about just go out of your way to take care of yourself? How about get a new hairstyle now and then? How about look fashionable and take the time to dress up and jive well with his friends on social occasions? Make him proud. It sounds so simple, and yet it is easy to dismiss or else to quit prioritizing matters such as these, resulting in an eventual loss of interest.

#4. Learn to Light His Fires:

Seduction doesn’t stop in the bedroom. Be sexy around him. Cater to his fetishes. Be happy that you’re with him, or start looking for another partner. Go all or nothing. Go out of your way to accommodate him. By giving him what he wants, you are giving yourself what you want (or are you?) Is he reciprocating in turn?

Relationships take work, and they take – and demand – self-reflection. Knowing yourself leads to knowing others. How much pride do you take in your current relationship? Is it worth working to keep him interested in you?

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