From Cell Phone: 5 Signs That Your Man is Cheating on You

For whatever the reason, you suspect your man is cheating on you, or perhaps you don’t.

But now that you think about it, some things have been happening that seem…odd. Don’t freak out just yet, but don’t ignore that gut feeling, either. It doesn’t really matter how or why. You’re here now and this article has hooked you. So you might as well read on and learn the various ways your man’s cell can tell the cheater’s tale without him knowing about it.

Now, taken without context and by themselves, none of these points are bona fide proof of a cheater, but they could be keen indicators that your man is stepping out when:

1.  Your man freaks when you reach for his phone: It may be something simple, like you picking up the phone for him and handing it to him when someone calls, but he reacts – with hands extended outward – as if you are carrying a precious jewel and about to drop it and he needs to take it from you quickly. Does this happen often? Ask yourself why if it does. It could mean something.

2.  Your man keeps his cell on airplane mode: This is not a new technique by any means, but it basically means that any untimely pics/texts won’t pop up on the screen at a time of day when they would prove most compromising. He’ll turn airplane mode off when he’s indisposed again–when you can’t or won’t be around and prompted to ask to see those pics.