Guilty Pleasures Can Lead to Amazing Sex

This probably sounds weird, but there is a certain ‘naughtiness factor’ when it comes to guilt that can make for some exciting, hot intimacy with your partner.

It’s hard to imagine that guilt is an aphrodisiac, but “guilty pleasures” isn’t just a term for watching a horribly bad movie, or sneaking a piece of chocolate when you know you shouldn’t.

We’re all brought up with social norms. We’re taught that things are naughty, bad, and could bring the withdrawal of approval. When we get close to those edges, we can feel anxiety and fear. Now, guilt can be significant in building a conscious, reminding us of rules and expectations of our communities.

Guilt can keep us “in line,” and take over our lives and convince us that we are “bad people” and stop us from living our lives fully. Guilt is a complex number.

But guilt can also be an aphrodisiac. So some of the best sex can come from feeling a little naughty. It could be as innocuous as breaking into a “Do Not Enter” space to have a quickie. The thrill of breaking the rules can make the experience more intense.

Sneaking off in the middle of the day for sex, sexy texting during meetings, and spending money for our own eroticism can all be guilty pleasures. So can creating time for self-pleasure when you should be doing other things, taking time off to attend a workshop on sexuality when you should spending that money on a new dishwasher.