Healthy Sex Life Habits

It’s all about oxygen: exercise

Your body gives what it gets. If your sloth-like performance in front of the television has you wondering why you can’t quite get it up, or when you do your arms give out before she reaches her peak, consider your activity levels. When was the last time you left the couch and went for a run or, instead of the elevator, took the stairs? Your heart pumps oxygenated blood into your body and into the “star” of your “coming attraction.”

You need regular exercise at least three times a week for 30 minutes to work your heart, pump your blood, and increase circulation. A proper cardiovascular workout is just what you need to improve your stamina and performance in bed. Fringe benefits include better appearance and overall self-esteem. Women are most attracted to a confident man. Arrogance and insecurity is only a thin veil that women see right through.

You won’t be just another act when you start feeling as good as you look. Ladies notice the difference between a poser and a real man. Include grooming in your routine and now you have a sex-worthy body anytime, anyplace. Get regular exercise, keep nails clean and trim, body hair shaven, waxed or tamed, and you will just know you look good. The best part is you’ll feel good too. What are you waiting for?

Working the mind: mental acuity