His and Hers Dating Views: Do We Want the Same Things in Dating?

Dating has gone through many changes over the years and it seems the purpose has changed as well. In times past, it was solely seen as the necessary avenue to marriage and building a family. Today, people date for other reasons as marriage rates dwindle and self-interest becomes more and more primary. People date for sport, companionship without commitment, status or other motives these days. Those who are dating must find compatible partners to get what they want from the game. What happens when one party begins to think certain things just come with the package? Some people think dating is like buying a car and some things should come standard. Is this the way it should be?

First of all, what is a date? This question seems simple enough, but many people define it differently. There is no norm for a date. Many people come into a situation with preconceived notions about what should occur and if those expectations are not met, then judgments are made and all chances for a connection die with the first date. Two people could agree to spend some time together, but there are things to consider. What activity is chosen, where the date will take place, and even the time of day and day of the week can communicate different things to the people involved.