How Do You Make Your Boyfriend’s Friends Like You?

So your boyfriend has decided it’s time to introduce you to his friends. You were praying for this day to come but what you didn’t realize was that it comes with a lot of pressure. You have to charm his friends into liking you so that you can all get along. So here are some great ideas to help you along.

Talk to them and find out what they are all about

Think of his friends as your own friends and find out as much as you can about them. What do they like? Where do they like hanging out? What do they like eating? Don’t pretend you agree with them on everything or pretend to like everything they like because they’ll see right through you. Just be yourself around them even when your boyfriend isn’t around.

Show your boyfriend some love

If you throw temper tantrums or treat your man like a child in front of his friends they’ll think you are a bitch. They’ll probably bad mouth you when you are not around. Besides, you never know…your boyfriend might just heed their advice. But if you are nice and respectful to your boyfriend even when his friends are around, they will see why he likes you so much and make you their friend.

Avoid being the clingy, needy girlfriend

Speaking about showing your boyfriend some love, try as much as possible not to portray yourself as the clingy, needy girlfriend. It’s very easy to cross the line between showing your boyfriend some love and attention and suffocating him.

If his friends are around, you don’t have to be all over him. You don’t have to pester him about every text or phone call he receives. Let him be with his friends in peace. If you have any issues with his friends, talk to him about it when the two of you are alone.

Don’t bad mouth his friends

Unless his friends are a bad influence on him, avoid being judgmental. If you have an opinion about his friends, it’s best to keep it to yourself. Yes, his friend Bobby is overweight because he eats French fries all the time but please, keep this obvious fact to yourself…don’t blurt it out to your boyfriend or his friends. If you start nit picking his friends’ flaws, your boyfriend might feel pressured to choose between you and his friends. And if he’s known his friends longer than you, guess who he’ll pick? So try as much as possible to be positive around his friends.

Include his friends once in a while

Notice we said ONCE IN A WHILE not on every romantic trip or every time your boyfriend plans a night out. So if you are planning a barbecue or a night out with your boyfriend, suggest that his friends come along too. If your boyfriend prefers to spend some alone time with you, don’t ruin it by asking him to invite his friends. Remember he has to be okay with the idea first. Ask your girlfriends to come along too if his friends are coming along.

Don’t cross the line

We said you should be friendly with them but not too friendly. If you show too much interest they will start to wonder what’s up with you. Don’t be surprised if they start saying you are hitting on them even if you are not. It’s never a good idea to kiss, hug or spend too much time alone with either of your boyfriend’s buddies even if your intentions are innocent. Make your conversations short, sweet and to the point.

Don’t try too hard

It’s a lot of pressure trying to fit in with your boyfriend’s friends but don’t try too hard to impress them. Friendships take a while before they can be properly established so don’t expect to hit it off with them immediately.

Sounds like a lot of hard work but it will all be worth it in the end. These tips should help you charm your boyfriend’s friends easily. Remember to always give your boyfriend time with his buddies. Don’t make it seem like a competition or make him choose between spending time with you or his buddies. Besides, if your boyfriend likes you, chances are his buddies will too. Just give it some time.  written by Jackie K.

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