How Tinder Has Changed Dating Forever

Tinder boiled down dating to one basic choice – swipe left if you don’t like someone, swipe right if you do. By doing away with complicated algorithms and multiple choice questions, Tinder brought some much-needed simplicity to online dating. Unsurprisingly, Tinder was a massive hit and continues to grow in popularity. Tinder’s popularity has spawned an entire generation of similarly-themed niche dating apps. No matter what your personal preferences are, there’s a high possibility that there’s a dating app which caters specifically to you.

Niche dating tools aren’t a new thing. Online dating services catering to different religious and economic groups have been around for a long time. JDate, Christian Mingle, SeniorPeopleMeet and other websites of their kind were in the market before Tinder came along. Most of these services also have mobile apps or websites.
But there’s one thing which limited their growth – the amount of effort it takes to build a profile on any of these services. Signup usually requires paying money and filling out a complicated form. After you’re done with the signup, you have to build a lengthy and interesting profile. Not many people have the time or the ability to do all of these things effectively.

With Tinder and the new breed of apps it has inspired, online dating has become easy. Signups are free and effortless since most of these apps use your existing Facebook profile for registration. You can have multiple dating apps on your device at once. If you’re lonely, you can just fire up one of these apps and browse the Internet for interesting people. For the first time in the history of our species, you have the ability to access multiple platforms for meeting people through a device which fits in your pocket.