How to Deal With a Friend Who’s Meddling in Your Relationship

Relationships are tough but they are even tougher when a friend meddles in your affairs. We all have that one friend who likes messing with other peoples relationships. She has a strong opinion about your boyfriend and what you should do about your relationship. The bad news is she might not realize that she’s meddling in your relationship by giving her opinionated advice. In her opinion, she’s just helping a friend out. On the other hand, she might know exactly what she’s doing and she’s just jealous that you have a man and she doesn’t or she’s trying to steal your man.

The good news is that you can stop your friend from being nosy and meddling in your relationship regardless of their intentions:

  1. Make them realize your relationship is between you and your boyfriend ONLY

What your friend probably doesn’t realize is that she is not part of your relationship. She doesn’t know what you and your boyfriend do behind closed doors. As a matter of fact, she doesn’t know every aspect of your relationship…she only sees what you show her.

Mercy says: I had a friend who had been through a series of horrible relationships. She had reached a point where she wasn’t interested in being in a relationship anymore because she’d had it with men. So when I met my boyfriend (who’s now my husband) she constantly threw shade at him. She began filling my head with all these crazy ideas about my man. When I realized that she would eventually break us up if I didn’t put an end to her meddling, I spoke my mind and told her that she didn’t know what my relationship was all about and she needed to deal with her own issues and stop dumping them on my relationship. We are still friends but she now keeps her nose in her business.

  1. They need to know you are not them

Then there’s the opinionated friend who tries to force her opinion on you.