How To Ease The Pain Of A Breakup

Whether you do the dumping or you are the one who got dumped, breakups are painful.  If you initiated the breakup you may feel guilty, or question that you made the right decision.  If you were the one who got dumped you may feel shocked, hurt, and angry.   Breakups are painful for either party.  There are things you can do to get through the breakup, to ease your pain.  Sometimes breakups can bring a relationship closer together when both parties realize that they really were meant to be together, or they can be a blessing because you are no longer with the wrong person.

First thing you should do is acknowledge your feelings, its okay to feel sad, hurt, angry, and shocked.  This was a relationship you spent time in.  Live in the moment and allow yourself to cry if need be.  Talk to your friends about your relationship, let them know how much you hurt; they may have advice for you that may be helpful. Additionally they may offer you some insight about your relationship that you did not see.  You may want to spend the next several evenings/weekends at home taking extra good care of yourself.  Watch television, lie in bed and eat ice cream, paint your nails, or try on a new hair style.

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